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Berkeley has an amazing Statistics program. One of the best in the world! For example, their Statistics department is ranked #2 in US News rankings

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Berkeley is an excellent school for straight statistics but I would ask, do you know how you would like to use statistics in a potential career? The reason I ask is because statistics is often not a stand alone by which I mean that, often, there is another area a student has close to equal interest in such as Economics or maybe, Political Science.

The use of statistics is utilized so much in both of these areas as well as in the field of research be it biological, chemical, sociological, etc. You see, there are so many ways to use statistics, it would be a question I would ask of a student: what other areas are you interested in and show them how the mathematics is applied to each of their possible interest areas. By conversing in this way, it may be that a student is ONLY interested in statistics as a stand alone or, is not sure how they would like to apply their knowledge in this area just yet. Still, if through discussion, a student shares or learns how they would like to use the statistics in a possible career, another school may come up.

For example, a teen might say they are really interested in working with the NFL as an adult as a member of the management team. Armed with that information, I would be looking for an outstanding business program first, a solid statistics program second. If someone has a desire to enter the area of fundraising, I would look at maybe St. John's (NYC) first, where they would be exposed to a wonderful community service/social activist program while also highlighting how they can use their interest in statistics within this field.

I once knew a newlywed couple - he a lawyer, she an accountant. Both loved their field of expertise but HATED working in the public sector. They wanted to do something to help the world be a better place. As a twosome, they both got jobs working for the American Red Cross - he as a lawyer, she as an accountant. You can always find a way to parlay your likes, into a career. Statistics is a "like" so the question isn't - is Berkeley good for statistics, but rather  in what area do I want to use my knowledge of statistics and what schools would address that desire - however, you never know, Berkeley might still turn out to be the best bet. Good Luck!

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