Does it make sense to take it after or before junior year?

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Janice Kirn-Sottilaro Points0
When you feel the most comfortable. I say this because you can opt to take and retake the SAT as often as you wish although, going beyond 3 might be pushing it just a bit giving a nod to maybe then trying, the ACT. It is a good idea though, to sit for the SAT once Algebra 2 is nearly behind you. Remember it is the ACT that will test your knowledge of a bit of Trig. but the SAT well, that is Algebra 2.

Most students take the SAT in the spring of junior year but your can take it sooner if you would like for both a score as well as trying to get a feel for the test, a dry run if you will. Keep in mind that you can take the SAT earlier as some students take it in grade 10 but the spring of grade 11 and/or as close to the end of Algebra 2 for me, is the wisest way to go.

Good Luck!

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