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FAQs for Advisor Applicants (College Admissions Consultants)
SpanOne makes it easy to find college counseling opportunities and grow your business. Here are some frequently asked questions about how SpanOne works for an independent college counselor.

What are requirements to become a SpanOne Advisor?

SpanOne Advisors are a network of qualified independent college admissions consultants across the United States. In addition to relevant education, experience and expertise, they bring a passion and proven success record to help students achieve their educational goals. SpanOne Advisors are expected to take a personalized approach to each and every student. SpanOne requires excellent communication skills and background check. SpanOne Advisors are eligible to work, and currently reside, in the US.

Is there a fee to join as a SpanOne Advisor?

No. SpanOne is completely free for college admissions consultants and counselors.

If I signup as a SpanOne Advisor, am I required to take on certain number of clients?

No, you're not required to automatically take on any clients. You will have the flexibility to set your availability and work at your own pace.

Why join SpanOne Advisors network?

Three simple reasons: 1. Make a difference in students' lives   2. Build your business   3. Focus on what you love the most...the advising

In addition, get recognized as a thought leader, and build a reputation as an expert, by sharing your knowledge and expertise with students, parents and fellow professionals in the field.

How are personal sessions with student/parent conducted?

Personal sessions with students and parents can be done online or in person, depending upon convenience. Online session can be conducted using Skype or Google Hangouts.

How do you match students with advisors?

SpanOne matches students with college admissions consultants using multiple criteria, including experience, expertise, and timezone.

How much do I get paid?

Pay is based on the program. SpanOne only takes a small slice of the revenue we generate for you. Further details on payment will be provided to you during the qualification process.

How do I get paid?

SpanOne pays you every month through a check.

Can I manage my availability?

Yes, you can notify us when you are no longer able to take-up new clients.

How can I contact customer service?

You can reach us through email or online form.

How do I access my SpanOne clients' information?

Once you're signed into your SpanOne account, click on "Advisor Dashboard" tab at the top. All your SpanOne clients will be listed on that page.

Interested in becoming a SpanOne Advisor?

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SpanOne helps students get into top colleges by working one-on-one with an experienced college admissions counselor.

Our college counselors help families navigate the complex and stressful process of college planning and applications. Many of them are former admissions staff members and college advisors from the top colleges. They are the best at what they do.

Our college counselors are located in cities across the country, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Washington DC.

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